Friday, 7 September 2012

Chill Out Zone

I had been thinking about some sort of cave in my classroom, a place for kids to relax if they get upset or angry.  I was searching pintrest and found some pictures of  a carpet square and a sign over it saying, "Alaska, a place to chill out."  I liked that idea, but thought that it might be difficult for Kindergarten kids to understand... so I took it one step futher.  I took a large cupboard and turn that into our "Chill Out Zone."  Kids love penguins and understand that they live where it's cold so I took that idea and ran with it.  I covered the inside walls with a penguin scene, blue pillows to add to the cool colour scheme and then put christmas lights on the ceiling of the cupboard.
For the ceiling, I poked holes in a piece of cardboard then poked the lights through the holes.  I put the cardboard into the cupboard as if it were a shelf and then put another shelf right overtop of it to hide the wiring.  After putting it up and testing it out by crawling into the cupboard I found the lights to be a bit too bright so I draped the cardboard with blue fabric to dim the lights but you still get the overall effect of the lights. 

The kids absolutely love going into the chill out zone and I can usually hear them saying to eachother this isn't a spot for being silly, this is where we relax.


  1. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joanna I am a Child Protection Facilitator in Australia (formerly a Detective in Child Abuse) and now I teach child care workers "toddler taming' and 'survival skills'. Would you mind if I shared this page to educators? This is brilliant. I wish I had your creativity. (Here is my business that I am asking permission for). Well done!!!!

  2. No problem Erin, feel free to share.