Saturday, 9 June 2012


My latest obsession with reading teacher blogs I have realized that I am not a very organized teacher.  I take pride in my abilities as a teacher but I am admittedly a bit embarassed about the chaos that is my classroom.  So, with this realization I went to Walmart to stock up on containers. My first trip in i purchased 10 small and 10 large grey totes to replace the paper boxes that sat above the cupboards in my classroom.  I was very pleased with the result.  Each container has a small label affixed to the top where I can see it.  This look is a great improvement to the boxes with huge handwritten writing. 

My organizing fix was not over.  Cleaning up above my cupboards really was just the beginning.  My next trip into the city (120km away) I bought small containers to orgnaize the materials inside of the cupboards, 20 to be exact.  I was well on my way until I realized that 20 just wouldn't do... so I bought 35 more this past weekend.  Now there would be no excuses for me not to be organized.  As I went from cupboard to cupboard I got rid of alot of things that I had not used in years, outdated books and even some things that were older than I am.  In all of my consolidating, purging and oranizing I have realized there is alot more cupboard space than I realized and I even have an empty cupboard?? 

I am enjoying the feeling my organizing has brought me and I just hope that I can maintain it throughout the year.  I have no doubt that I will be able to.  With only one classroom, instead of two and 20 students instead of ....46 I think I will have more time and energy to sustaining what I am setting up for myself.  Here's hoping....

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