Monday, 25 June 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

         Weeks of planning and preparation finally came together last Friday when we celebrated our Kindergarten kids graduating.  This year I decided to go with a Hollywood theme party complete with a red 'carpet,' walk of fame and superstar photos.
         While going through cupboards I found lots of old record and filmstrips which gave me a great idea for the centre pieces.  I was also lucky enough to find 17 glass vases from Value Village for 34cents each! I filled them with red and white sand, stuck some star garland into them and topped it off with a balloon.  If that wasn't enough I put the vase onto a record with a label 'kindergarten graduation' and wrapped it with an old filmstrip.  The overall look was a success... a couple of them tried to walk away but i managed to hang on to all but one as families left... but 16 is a nicer number anyways so I won't get too upset.

         The red carpet it nothing more than red paper rolled out on the floor and our walk of fame stars are just silver stars glued onto black construction paper with grey handprints on the bottom and their name in a 'hollywood' type font.   I wanted to make a rope to go around the red carpet to add to the look but time didn't allow it, maybe next year?

Maybe I went a tad overboard when I wrapped the cutlery in red napkins and little film strips, but it was all worth it.. it looked amazing.

I had to look everywhere for these champage glasses, but alas Dollar Giant had them 6 for $1.25.  Maybe a bit costly for some plastic glasses but well worth it, the kids really loved it.  And of course, I washed them so they will be ready to be used at our next red carpet affair!

What is a Red Carpet Event without Awards?  These cut little awards we made from a simple wood plaque from Michaels ($1) a wooden star ($0.29... on sale) paint and modpodge.  I can't believe how well these turned out and I hope that my students will keep these for years to come to remind them of the superstars that they are!

After all the planning and prep and the Graduation itself I was happy when it was all over because it finally meant I could sleep!  I just tell myself this will only get easier with time.  Next year WILL be easier because I sort of (?) know what I am doing... but who knows maybe I'll go all out again and plan another ridiculous Graduation.  Dr. Seuss was last year, Hollywood this year and maybe a "Somewhere over the rainbow" theme for next... no wait maybe a mad hatters tea party... there really isn't any end to the ideas...

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