Sunday, 20 May 2012

Spring Bulletin Boards

April Showers Bring... Mud

I love this take on the typical "April Showers bring May Flowers" bulletin board and the kids had lots of fun with it too.  The mud was made by the kids handprints in brown paint (next time I will make the brown paint darker) and the umbrellas are a simple cut and paste activity.  The rain drops on the umbrellas was made by putting a drop of blue paint into white glue. 

Cloud Pictures
The next bulletin board was still related to the weather we have been having.  After reading the story Little Cloud by Eric Carle my students were very excited to make thier own cloud pictures.  There are alot of ideas online about cloud pictures using cottonballs, but I decided to go with shaving cream and stencils.  The kids had lots of fun mixing up the glue and shaving cream and choosing thier stencil.  I like using the stencil because it made seeing the picture much clearer than allowing the students to create the shape on their own.  I am so happy with the final product and the kids were too!

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