Saturday, 19 May 2012


Planning for 26 kindergarteners and 21 Pre-Kindergarteners has been a challenge this year and there never seems to be enough desk space or counter space to keep the materials for the week or the day.  I have several plastic drawer units by they were often filled with junk that was cleaned out over couple of months.  I decided to do a bit of rearranging and pull those units apart so they fit perfect on my counter top under the shelves.  At the beginning of the year these drawers were labelled Monday-Friday but I found there was so much overlap in the materials for the week so it wasn't working.  Now I am happy that they are labelled by subject area.  Every friday I clean out the drawers from the week and fill them with the materials that will be needed for the week ahead.  This keeps me organized and helps me in planning ahead.  The drawers are also very useful when I have random papers or items that pop up in the classroom that I don't have time to put away at that moment, I can just slip them into the drawer and it will be dealt with on that Friday.  I also have a drawer of 'Notes to go Home'  this also includes any important papers i recieve from parents, book orders or other papers I do not want to lose on the counter top.  the top drawer has a caddy that I keep pencils, pens, tape, scissor etc. on so they are easily accessible and out of the way of little hands that love to take things off the counter.

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