Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Lorax

Believe it or not I was obsessed with the Lorax book before the new movie came out, and I still prefer the old movie version.  It is a perfect story for introducing Earth Day to young children in a way they can understand.  I always use that story as a starting off point for my Earth Week activities.  This year we had lots of exciting things planned for earth week.  Beginning with our Lorax door to get students interested in what was going to be happing in the week ahead.  We did a Lorax writing activity, each student had to decide what they would like to speak for and then fill in the blanks on their paper.  Each student got a lorax mustache and they had their picture taken to go along with their writing.  This made a very cute bulletin board! We also played a Lorax game where students had to be the first to plant thier truffula trees.  Get the game cards here.  Our school celebrated Earth Week with a Trashion Show.  Our class made our outfit from Scholastic Book orders.  Our Outfits were a great success and we even got recognition from Scholastic and they sent us some books and pencils!

Bulletin Board with several students writing and pictures.  The truffula trees were made when we celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday from a pipecleaner, styrofoam ball and feathers!

The students really loved seeing thier pictures with the mustache.

Trashion Show Outfits from Scholastic Book Orders

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